Moving Up?
If you are selling your current home and moving to your dream home, your options are complex, and you need expert advice. Some examples of the questions I can help you with:
  1. Should I port my current mortgage, or pay it out and get a new mortgage?
  2. Can I port my default insurance premium (CMHC, Sagen or Canada Guaranty)?
  3. Have you considered keeping your existing home as a rental property? Can you qualify to do that?
  4. How much equity will you have from your sale? How much down payment would you like to put on new home purchase?
  5. Will you want to pay out debt from sale proceeds?
  6. Will you be paying a penalty on your current mortgage?
  7. How much do you expect your moving costs to be?
  8. Will you require bridge financing?
  9. Do you currently have mortgage liability insurance? Is your mortgage liability insurance portable?
  10. Collateral charges - is your current mortgage a collateral charge mortgage? What are the possible consequences of a collateral charge? E.g. Other debt that you have with the same institution may have to be paid out when the mortgage is paid out.
  11. Do you have the funds for a deposit on your new purchase?
  12. Will there be land transfer tax: e.g. Are you moving to a new province?
You Don't Have To Struggle Through This Critical Process Alone

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