Purchase Plus Improvements (Renovation Mortgages)

If you have your eye on a fixer-upper or you are thinking about building your dream home, financing your endeavors may be easier than you think.

“Renovation Mortgages” give homeowners the ability to renovate a newly-purchased or refinanced home and roll the cost of the improvements into the balance of the mortgage. This allows the homebuyer to benefit from the low-interest rate associated with their mortgage.  It also provides the simplicity of one mortgage payment and requires less than 20% of the home’s ‘as improved’ value for a down payment.

First Things You Need To Know

To acquire this type of mortgage a buyer must first make the offer conditional using a renovation mortgage program such as CMHC’s ‘Purchase Plus Improvements’ program.  The next step is to acquire quotes for the scope of the work from contractors to determine the cost of the renovations.  CMHC will approve a loan of up to 95% of the ‘as improved’ value of the home, or the value of the newly constructed home provided the money you’re putting into the home does, in fact, improve the value.

Renovations On A New Home?

If you’re thinking about doing renovations on a new home but you’ve put down more than a 20% down payment, consider taking advantage of a Home Equity Line of Credit (HELOC).  This is a low-interest line of credit that is secured against your home.

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